Amore Amaro

A Spirited Botanical Inquiry

A sketch of the amaro garden.

Illuminating ancient traditions

A garden based on the bitter Italian liqueur.

The garden

The amaro garden is a living exploration of the botanical history of amaro — the Italian liqueur. Botanically-based and with up to 40 herbs, barks, roots, fruits, nuts, and seeds, amaro recipes are closely guarded secrets.

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The plants

This garden is a collection of plants that are known ingredients in modern amaro. Because amaro evolved from bitter medicinal liquors crafted by monks, plants that were cultivated by medieval physic gardens are also included, dovetailing the modern with botanicals that hold historic significance.


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The amaro garden was researched, designed, and executed by Elena Peabody as part of the School of Professional Horticulture at the New York Botanical Garden. Content for this website was written by Elena Peabody and Jereme Mongeon.


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