Amore Amaro

About the garden

A view of a shelf of amari.

The amaro garden is a living exploration of the botanical history of the Italian liqueur amaro.

This garden is a collection of plants that are known ingredients in modern amaro. Because amaro evolved from bitter medicinal liquors crafted by monks, plants that were cultivated by medieval physic gardens are also included, dovetailing the modern with botanicals that hold historic significance.

This website was created to accompany and contextualize the garden. Each plant in the amaro garden had signage that included an individualized QR code that pointed viewers (via their smartphones) to pages on this site so they could learn more about the plant’s historical context in traditional herbal medicine and amaro-making.

While amaro has its roots in medieval medicine, today its imbibed strictly for pleasure. Its rich history makes for a delicious exploration that rewards the curious palate.

A view of the garden

Baby cardoon, thyme, chard, leeks, collards, and peppers got their start indoors, under lights.

The initial concept sketch for the amaro garden, in progress.

Specialty plants such as angelica and Chinese rhubarb were purchased as bare root specimens.

The first planting, on June 29, 2019.

The second planting, on July 10, 2019.

The garden in August, 2019.

The garden in October, 2019.

The amaro garden in full bloom.

Textures of the amaro garden.

Textures of the amaro garden.

Textures of the amaro garden.

Garden signage included QR codes that connected visitors to this website.

Angelica root.

Saffron crocus.

Angelica root and Chinese rhubarb root, soon to join a collection of dried plants and extracts.

An underwhelming leek.

A final harvest of the garden — and now the real work begins.


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