Amore Amaro

Solanum pyracanthos

porcupine tomato

An image of porcupine tomato.

Original photo by: Frank Vincentz, via Wikipedia.

Porcupine tomato is an evergreen shrub native to Madagascar and islands in the Indian Ocean, and is grown ornamentally all over the world.


Porcupine tomato is grown as an ornamental plant, and has been included in this garden to add depth to the design. Not only is it not a known ingredient in any amari nor have any known medicinal qualities, but it is poisonous and should not consumed. Do not eat any part of this plant!

Historical context

The inclusion of this plant is a nod to the adventurous nature of monk-gardeners who liked to cultivate new and unfamiliar plants.


Porcupine tomato is grown as an annual in colder climates, as it will die if exposed to winter temperatures. It prefers well-drained soil, and has medium water requirements. It can tolerate some shade but prefers full sun. It is both deer and rabbit resistant.


Porcupine tomato has no serious pests or diseases.


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